In a gathering without precedent for Nisyros, the musical album " NISYROS DANCES AND SINGS" was presented on the afternoon of Saturday, August 12, in the presence of his Reverence the Metropolitan of Kos and Nisyros Nathanael, (who also carried the blessing of His Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew), the mayor of Nisyros Chr. Koroneos, the former Minister G. Nikitiadis and the heads of local authorities.

The musical album was presented by John Chartofylis, Asimeni Billi and Flora Patriki, while Anna-Maria Karakonstantinou recited the poem by Fotis Varelis related to the Incorporation, given that the album represents the participation of the Association in the anniversary for 70 years from the incorporation of Dodecanese to Greece.

Katerina Marangou, Panagiota Danezi and Dimitris Logothetis were singing from the microphone, and Marika Gianniou, Kalliopi Haska, rev. Efstathios Arkamouzis and Anna-Nektaria Charfolyli from the digital discs.

Then the women's club of Nisyros danced local dances and the event closed with the offer of local sweets and mainly donuts.

On November 14, a celebration of the patron saint of Rhodes, Saint Konstantinos of Hydra, will take place the presentation of the album at the Municipal Theater of Rhodes, at 7pm, with co-organizers, the South Aegean Region, the Cultural and Sports Organization of the Municipality of Rhodes, the Association of Dodecanesian Letters and Arts, the Federation of Rhodos’ communities Association and the Nisyrian Association "THE PORPHYRIS".

On Thursday 5 October, President of our Society Kostas Chartofylis, accompanied by rev. Efstathios Arkamouzis and Secretary General Irene Katsimatidou, visited the President of the Hellenic Republic and offered him the album. During the long discussion that followed, the President was briefed on all the current problems of our island and was particularly interested in the issue of geothermal energy. Lastly, he pledged to visit Nisyros on 7 March, the anniversary of Incorporation. For this purpose, the mayor of Nisyros immediately sent an invitation. This visit was already formalized.

  • Οffer of the musical album to the President of the Hellenic Republic.