JULY 13th, 2016

After the presentation and circulation of "DICTIONARY OF NISYRIAN IDIOM" in August 2015 and the well-phrased complements for this publication, there are in progress two others activities of our Society:

1. One of our old targets, the research, collection and preservation of nisyrian folk music in its original form, begins to be implemented. After an ineffectual attempt which did not reach the intended result without our own fault, finally, with the cooperation of the musician C. Chatzipetrou, specialist for Dodecanese folk music, with a long involvement with this subject, selected our own youngsters, who residing in Athens, with amazing voices and higher musical education, and create a musical album entitled "NISYROS CHOREVGEI KE TRAOUDA" (NISYROS DANCES AND SINGS), which is in the final stages. In addition to enter in, the song text with the scores and their relevant introductory note to each section of songs, the album, accompanied by four CDs. The first presentation of the project was planned to take place in Nisyros Saturday, August 12, 2017 to 20.00 hours, and in cooperation with the municipality, will be included in the program of Amphictiony 2017 events. The presentation will be followed by a musical evening with songs from Nisyros those comprising musical album.
2. Professor Dr. Tsirpanlis’ essay “WEDDING BEHAVIOURS IN AEGEAN. THE CASE OF ΝΙSYROS. (19th century ), a result of over-decade study is already at the final edition stage. It is for the analysis of marriage contracts (prikosimfona), referred to in residents of Mandraki for the period 1857-1894. Comments on persons, things, conditions, compares the nisyrian institutions with similar to panhellenic scale and generally reconstructs the private life of Νisyrian for that period. The presentation of multi pages volume is planned for August 2018.

3. In parallel of our activity in the cultural sector, we are always ready to intervene wherever required for environmental protection and eco harmony conserve in our home island.