On August 12, 2016, took place at the Zosimopoul io, Nisyros, the presentation of the «Dictionary of the idiom of Nisyros», compiled by our compatriot Michael Efst. Skandalidis.

Sponsor of the edition was Michael and Anna Frazis.

The presentation team was composed of the compiler Mr Scandalidis, Mrs. Maria Parisidi-Toulanta and the educator Mastrogiannis Nikitas.

Coordinator was the President of our society.

During the event, the coordinator mentioned the HMS Royal Edward (was requisitioned )which sunk 10 n.m. east Kanteleousa exactly 100 years ago, on the morning of 13-8-1915. The vessel was torpedoed by a German submarine. The audience paid tribute to the memory of 1,000 victims.

By completing 70 years from the end of the World War II, President K. Chartofylis, awarded the veteran of Pacific ocean war our compatriot Mr. Nick Kostidis , Sergeant, then in US Army honor’s diploma.

  • Μέρος του πυκνού ακροατηρίου.

  • Ο πρώην υπουργός κ. Γ. Νικητιάδης, ο δήμαρχος κ. Χ. Κορωναίος και οι λοιπές αρχές του νησιού.

  • Απονομή τιμητικής πλακέτας στην χορηγό κ. Άννα Φραζή.

  • Απονομή Διπλώματος τιμής στον βετεράνο του Β' παγκοσμίου πολέμου στον Ειρηνικό κ. Ν. Κωστίδη.

  • Η ομάδα παρουσιάσεως του έργου.