I n the years since its establishment in 1961, our Assosiation has published the volumes recorded in the below column.

These volumes constitute our island’s spiritual Ark and through them arises the other side of Nisyros; not that of just everyday life but that of a small society which though continuous development and modernization, is always based on its history, its folklore, its customs and its traditions, i.e. its cultural heritage because it understands that this is the only way to preserve its particular identity and to avoid the funnel of globalization and the flattening of everything.

Next to this column, there is a list of all our publications available on our website in a digital format (except SPILIANIS ARCHIVES), thus allowing its reading to be made possible by any interested person wherever located.

Dictionary of

Nisyrian idiom


Proverbs and expressions

in Nisyros

Κ. Sakellaridis, 1983

Nisyrian resounds


K. Mantoudakis. 1977

Letters and poems

by I. Logothetis

K. Sakellaridis. 1977

Reprint of NISYRIAKA

CHRONIKA magazine


From NISYRIAKA CHRONIKA to Nisyrian Studies’ Society

Volume 2, 1996

From NISYRIAKA CHRONIKA to Nisyrian Studies’ Society

Volume 3

Archives from Spilianis Monastry

Volume 1, 1999

Archives from Spilianis Monastry

Volume 2

Nisyros island and

its thermal springs.

Charls Flegel, 1899

General geographic


G. Papadopoulos, 1909



G. Papadopoulos, 1922

Matrimonial Practices

in the Aegean