According to the Greek mythology, during the Giants battle, namely the Battle of Gods with Giants, the Poseidon, chasing in the Aegean Sea the Giant Polyvotis, cut off with his trident a piece from the island of Kos, and threw it against Polyvotis crushing him. This piece of Kos, reflects Nisyros and when the submerged Giant moves his shoulders and growls, Nisyros is shaken by earthquakes.

A representation of this myth, regarding the creation of Nisyros is located at the 6th east metopic side of the Parthenon and is exposed at the museum of Acropolis, with a special event description. Although there is an extensive marble damage and all figures are not clearly distinguished, the mere fact that there is a depiction of the creation of our birth place in the riser of the immortal world heritage monument, has a great significance for us.

For this reason, we have requested and received by the museum of Acropolis the picture we attach, with permission to present it on our website and in our publications. We thank the Acropolis museum for this concession.

Here are two works(Greek and English) of lecturer Oceanography Geology and Paleontology at the National University of Dr. Paraskevi Nomikou, analyzing the scientific view of Nisyros creation.

Ελληνικό πόνημα - Παλαιογραφική εξέλιξη της Νισύρου

Αγγλικό πόνημα - The Volcano of Nisyros Island


"And they that held Nisyrus and Crapathus and Casus and Cos, the city of Eurypylus, and the Calydnians isles, these again were led by Pheidippus and Antiphus, the two sons of king Thessalus, son of Heracles. And with them were ranged thirty hollow ships".
Homerus Iliad B; 676. Translation by A.T.Murray Ph.D. Harvard Univercity Press.

  • . Metope 6. On the east side of Parthenon. Poseidon and Giant Polyvotis. East side theme: The battle between gods and giants.

  • Another illustration of the creation of Nisyros . The Poseidon subdue Polyvotis giant and created Nisyros . Back Gaia begs for mercy . Image of red-figure vase of the 15th century BC The vessel is exposed to the Staatliche Museum in Berlin.